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Training  Overview

Cinder Fitness offers several types of training, and training programs to meet your needs. Marc has been in the industry for over 25 years and has effectively helped his clients reach their goals be it small groups to one on one. Here a few examples of how Cinder Fitness can help you.

Strength Training (General muscular development, muscular endurance, etc.)

Corrective Exercise (Post rehab, muscular imbalances, injury prevention strategies.)

Nutritional Guidance (Dietary recommendations for increased musculature, weight loss, or sport performance.)

Cardiovascular Conditioning (For sport, leisure, and health.)

Youth Specific Strength Training (Fundamentals of lifting technique using, body weight and implement training. Additional focus on flexibility and core, while building strong mental image through confidence and achievement.)

Senior Specific Strength Training (Fundamentals of lifting technique, body weight and implement training. Additional training may include flexibility, balance, proprioception, core, and posture.)

Endurance Athlete Training (Multi-Sport training and beyond to include swim, bike, and run mechanics and strategies. Additional training includes gait analysis, optimal footwear inspection, bike fit, sport specific strength training, nutrition, and flexibility. There is also review of gear and event strategies.)

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