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Group Exercise Pricing

There are three ways you can experience Cinder Fitness Group Exercise Classes.

Drop in                                             $25.00 Per Class

Limited Class Memberships                    $139.00 for 12 workouts a month

Unlimited Class Memberships                 $159.00 for unlimited workouts a month

Drop In

Not yet committed to Cinder Fitness but need a tune-up from time to time? No problem, just pay as you go. With this option you have one month from the date of purchase to come in and get the fitness!

Limited Class Membership*

Like what you see, but can only come two to three times a week? Still not a problem. The limited class option gets you twelve classes a month however you want to fit them in. With fourteen classes a week to choose from, that shouldn't be a problem.

Unlimited Class Membership*

OK, you drank the "Cool-Aid" and pushed all your chips in. This membership option speaks for itself. You have full access to all fifty-six classes offered by Cinder Fitness each month, and everything that comes with it! Sound like a lot? Not really considering Cinder Fitness programs each class to work in relationship with the others. This means you get all training, without the Over-Training.

* All memberships do require a six month commitment (Hey, how else do you expect to see results? I mean Rome wasn't built in a day y'know.), then roll into a month to month agreement. At which point you may cancel at any time with a thirty day notice given.  Each anniversary year you may freeze you membership for up to three months, free of charge (life happens right?).

To sign up for a Group Exercise Class click here.

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