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Group Exercise Classes

Studies show that individuals who train as a group have a 76% success rate versus those who train alone. Those are some pretty good odds. Add to that a class format that includes a level of personalized training and that's a recipe for success.  At Cinder Fitness the group shares the trainer's experience and knowledge as if they where in their own training session. 

Each workout is a full body , strength, cardio, and core session, led by a certified trainer. You will work alongside other exercisers in a competitive yet friendly environment that will push you to a new level. All the while you will be guided by your trainer regarding proper lifting technique, motivation, and personal strategies to get you on your way.

These classes are inclusive to all fitness levels and ages. Come experience what a group class can do for you!

Due to the current guidelines and mandates by the State of California, in regards to COVID-19, Cinder Fitness is currently running outdoor bootcamps. These classes are being held locally near the Shepard Art & Garden Center, 3330 McKinley BLVD, Sac., CA 95816

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