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Price Options for Training

Cinder Fitness believes in results. Results come from a solid plan, progressive training, client buy-in, and consistency. The base price structure is structured to reflect this. Bulk session discounts, inflated single session prices, or session package minimums can be constraining for both trainer and client.

To best deliver cost effectiveness and flexibility, Cinder Fitness uses a median price point that is competitive. Also, your personal schedule is used to construct the outline for appointment scheduling. Each month you and your trainer will sit down and discuss the upcoming month and training availability. Once you set your appointments, then you pay for the scheduled sessions that month.   

In the event you cannot make your session, Cinder Fitness requires a 24-hour notice. Every attempt will be made to reschedule. Once again, Cinder Fitness believes in results and will do everything in its power to help you reach your goals.

Cinder Fitness offers you two ways to train, Personalized Training and Independent Training. Listed below are these two options with description of service and pricing.


Personalized Training                  

One on One Training                          $70 per session 


Small Group Training (2-4 persons)        $70 per person, per session – 25% group discount

Large Group Training (5-8 persons)        $70 per person, per session – 35% group discount

All training, whether it be personal or large group, will include the following

  • Free initial consultation

  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

  • Free in-depth discussion and mutual agreement on terms and training program

  • Baseline Fitness Assessment

  • Individual periodized training program

  • Additional “homework” when necessary or requested

  • Program revision when necessary

  • Nutritional Guidelines

  • Open communication with trainer



Independent Training

If you are looking for a more independent form of training and only need periodic guidance, Cinder Fitness has the following online options.

Basic Programming                                     $35       

  • Free initial consultation (in person, or web intake form)

  • Six-week training program based on individual needs


Enhanced Programming                             $100       

  • Free initial consultation (in person, or web intake form)

  • Six-week training program based on individual needs

  • One Personal training session with trainer (location specific to Sacramento)

  • One program revision


Additional Services

Personal Training Session                           $70 each session

Nutritional Guidelines                               $50 each consultation (most only need one)

Baseline Fitness Assessment                        $40 Body Fat %, Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility

To Begin your Training Program, click here.

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